Tuesday, December 3, 2013

Favorites: November

I can't believe November is already over! But that means Christmas is coming soon!! Here are my favorite makeup items from the past month that I have worn every day I've put on makeup.

My first favorite is something I have been stealing from my sister since I have been home from college-- Laura Mercier Loose Setting Powder in Translucent. Amazing. It keeps me matte all day long and isn't heavy or cake-y. Obsessed.

 Another thing I have been swiping from the little sis is her Smashbox Photo Finish Blemish Control Primer. I think I may have to go buy this. I was always skeptical of the Photo Finishes because I've heard that they break people out, but not this one! It really does help to keep your foundation and makeup on all day and now I know it won't cause any breakouts! 

I've had two different blushes that I have been switching back and forth between. If I'm not wearing one I'm wearing the other. The one on the left is Benefit's Hervana which is really nice if you have pale skin like me. When you swirl the 4 colors together it creates a really pretty dusty pink. The one on the right is also another boxed powder from Benefit called Dandelion. This one is really similar except it's slightly less pigmented. But (weird) it smells really good. It's got a floral scent, possibly smells like a dandelion? Not sure.. I am definitely buying this full size once I run out of my sample.

Next is a tried and true product that I just got back into the swing of using when I ran out of my previous eyeliner. Maybelline's Line Stiletto! Such a good one for winged eyeliner. This is from the drugstore so it's cheap and it works really well. Win-win! It glides on nicely, doesn't get sticky or clumpy, and it's got a quality consistency (not too watery or dry). Lasts all day, too!

Another drugstore favorite is the CoverGirl Flamedout Mascara. I previously reviewed this and I wasn't thrilled. But after using it for over a month, I can now say that I love it! It makes my eyelashes look amazing and I have no complaints. Here is my full review -- click me.

Something new I've been trying lately is filling in my brows. I have really light blonde hair so naturally my eyebrows are really light as well. Sometimes I want them to be a bit more bold but I cant go too harsh or they noticeably look fake. Using a pencil to fill them in is not the move for me, but I finally found something that works -- Benefit Gimme Brow! I'm in the shade light/medium and it gives me just enough color that my brows don't look so... clear... It's becoming a must have pretty much every day.

To take all of that off I've been using the ever-so-amazing, Simple Makeup remover wipes. I'll link my review here . These things are the bommmmb. They're oil balancing yet not drying! They don't break me out and they make my skin feel really soft. Couldn't be better.

Finally, I have two non-beauty favs.

1. Beanie hats. OBSESSED. My sister makes fun of me for wearing them but I don't even care. I think they're so cute and can look fashion forward. Since it's cold now I can wear them everyday, too! I got this one off of amazon for like $2, but you can find these pretty much anywhere these days.

2. LuluLemon leggings. I got my first pair for my birthday in September and before that I never understood why someone would spend upwards of $80 on leggings. Now I know. They are more comfortable than any other leggings I have and they can look decent (not like ew she's wearing leggings...) What I love most about them is that they're extra form fitting all the way down the leg so they look great with boots. The ones I have are the Wonder Under style.

What have been your favorite products from the month of November?

--Ms. Makeup

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