Wednesday, March 12, 2014


The products I ordered from on Sunday night arrived so quickly (it's only Tuesday!) I didn't even pay for shipping, so 10 points for iHerb right off the bat! For this post I'm just going to show what I got and discuss my initial thoughts on each item (packaging, smell, taste, etc.) Refer to the picture above for what each product looks like.

1. Reviva Labs Intercell Hyaluronic Acid Night Gel. The first thing I notice is the expiration sticker. 2/17. Most creams/gel/lotions don't have an expiration date, and if they do, I don't notice. This was $9.80 and the container is pretty small so I'm hoping I don't need a lot of product. It smells like the Flarp Putty I used to play with as a kid... It feels nice on my hand, pretty light and the scent goes away after a few seconds. 

2. Every Man Jack Deodorant. First thought: really nice packaging. The cap really suctions back onto the top so that is nice and something I haven't seen before. It smells good (scent is cedarwood), but like a less-strong version of Old Spice. It seems like a normal clear stick deodorant with more organic ingredients, which is what we're going for here!

3. Now Solutions Xyli White Toothpaste. I got the mint flavor and that it is- very minty. Its a gel formula but it's kind of oily. Tastes good, though!

4. NutriBiotic Non-Soap Skin Cleanser. This is what I'm most excited for. This is a fragrance free, ph balanced, hypoallergenic, and paraben free facewash. This had great reviews, so hopefully I like it. It doesn't really have a scent, but it kind of smells like gel (if that's a thing?) It has a really jelly-like formula, too. The bottle is huge and this was under $6, so thats great!

5. Now Solutions Avocado Oil. This is 100% pure avocado and it's supposed to be amazing for your face. It can also be used on the scalp as a conditioner or as an emollient. It doesn't really smell like much, a little bit like oil. 

6. Cococare Argan Oil. I got this for my hair as opposed to using something from a drugstore that only has a little Argan Oil in it. The only ingredient in this bottle is 100% pure authentic and expeller pressed Argan Oil. To my surprise, this doesn't have any scent at all. The ones you buy from CVS that smell amazing, that's all fragrance. Argan Oil doesn't actually smell like that (I have just learned.)

7. Nature's Way AKN SkinCare. This formula had extremely high reviews saying their skin cleared and looked perfect from the inside out. They smell like... vitamins... which they are. Not much to say here. I'm really, really hoping these take away the bumpiness in my skin.

8. Cococare The Yellow Stick. This is just a thick stick of 100% cocoa butter. It's hard to open, so initially, I don't like the packaging. The plastic already cracked on the side, but this was only $1.79. I don't even care about that though because this stuff tastes SO GOOD. It melts on your skin and lips. 

9. Now Solutions Better Stevia. This was one of my freebies. Thank god, because this stuff tastes horrible (on its own at least.) Like bitter medicine. No words. How is this used as a sweetener? Someone explain.

10. Aubrey EveryDay Basics Moisturizer. When purchasing, I didn't realize how small this was. It's only 1.7 fl oz. But it's chalk full of organic oils and extracts, and I can pronounce every ingredient! It smells like lavender and feels very moisturizing on my hand- good consistency. I think I'll like this.

11. Sierra Bees Organic Honey Lip Balm. Last but not least, this is like a smoother Burts Bees type of chapstick. Tastes and smells good and the ingredients are: EVOO, Beeswax, Flavor (?), Sunflower Seed Oil, Non GMO Vitamin E, Honey Extract (all organic.) Love it!

So far, so good! I'm happy with my picks and can't wait to start using them! Hopefully, I'll love these and they can replace my current chemical filled products that are taking over my bathroom. I'm extremely happy with the website ( The shipping was free and it got here in 2 days. 2! I also got $10 off and they have such a great variety of products to choose from. I will definitely be shopping there from now on! I highly recommend!

--Ms. Makeup

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