Sunday, March 9, 2014

My New Favorite Website


After watching this video on youtube, I instantly went over to iHerb and placed an order. I got oils, lotions, face wash, deodorant, natural sweeteners, etc. I'm so excited about it. The amount of products this website has is insane. Over 35,000 things to choose from! They've got foods, vitamins, makeup, beauty products and stuff for the home. It's easy to choose your price range because they have a wide assortment of prices from low to high. And everything is almost 100% natural, which is amazing! They also have freebies and small amounts of products to test out for a couple of bucks. I can't wait to get my order and review all the products. You can use the coupon code HPV433 for a discount on your first order! 

Coming soon!

--Ms. Makeup


Check out EcoholicBeauty's videos on YouTube!


  1. Happy to see you found my videos, and iHerb! I hope you enjoy all the products you ordered!

    1. Thanks! I am loving them so far! So happy to make the switch- I feel so much better about myself and my skin! Natural is the way to go