Friday, March 14, 2014

Obsession: Subtle Ombre

One of my favorite Spring trends is ombre hair. I think the idea is so cool and it gives an awesome twist to your look. I think it's a great way to transition into the Spring season if you want lighter hair but you don't want too much of a drastic change. I actually prefer the more subtle ombre effect rather than those who go overboard. It has to be done right or else you'll look like you haven't been keeping up with your hair appointments (see Ciara below.) But with that being said, this is a grate style for someone who can't run to get their hair done every 6 weeks, as long as it's done gradually enough the first time and it will continue to grow out that way. I have been wanting to get a slight ombre for a while and now that my roots are really growing out, I think I just might go for it!  

What do you think of this trend? 

--Ms. Makeup

Sorry Ciara, but you've gotta fix this...

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