Thursday, November 7, 2013

Beware! Silicone Based Hair Products

I was recently watching a video on the Aussie 3 Minute Miracle Deeeeep Conditioner containing wax. This intrigued me, so I looked into it and I found out what the wax really was...

Have you heard of silicone? Well, it's a cheap filler that companies put into hair products, like conditioner, to make the hair seem shiny, soft, healthy and smooth when it really doesn't do anything of the sort. The product coats your hair in silicone, giving off the soft feeling, but in actuality it's choking your precious strands! This compound also leads to build up, which is no fun.

Think about it, when you buy a cheap shampoo/conditioner from the drugstore, what happens? You use it for a while and it works pretty well, gets the job done, but suddenly you get the feeling that the product isn't doing anything anymore. I used to say my hair was just used to the product, but now I know that it's covered in silicone!

When your hair is covered in this slime, any product you put in your hair after your shower will basically do nothing. It will go on top of the silicone and just sit there (even more build up...) And the only way to get it out of your hair is to use a clarifying shampoo (most silicones are not water soluble.) The only one I've ever tried is the Neutrogena Anti-Residue Shampoo. Now, when you first use this, don't be turned off! It makes your hair feel pretty weird, but that's because it strips off all the gross product buildup from months of use.

I am not saying that silicone is the worst thing in the world for your hair, because everyone uses these products, but it's really doing your hair no good. So, try to find products that don't contain the word "cone" "one" "col" "conol" "xane" in the ingredients list. I'll be honest, it's sometimes really hard. Go for the most natural product you can find with the least ingredients or a brand that is known for being natural based. Water soluble silicones (will wash out since they're water based) that are okay to use are titled "behenoxy dimethicone" and "stearoxy dimethicone" in the ingredients list.

If possible, try and avoid these shampoo/conditioner brands: Herbal Essence, Pantene (the worst,) Garnier Fructis, TRESemme, Suave, etc. Look for silicone free, but be sure to look at the ingredients because they'll trick ya with those long words! Your hair will thank you!

It is with much sadness that I have to admit that my favorite hair product in the world contains this horrible ingredient... MACADAMIA NATURAL OIL DEEP REPAIR MASK. Now... I do know for a fact that it also contains really great ingredients like Macadamia oil, Argan oil and Tea Tree Leaf oil, so this one's a toss up. (We all know I am still going to purchase, shhhh...)

What do you think about silicones? Will you ditch them or keep buying?

-- Ms. Makeup


  1. Definitely ditch them. I did :) About your fav mask... You do realize that even if the product contains good oils etc they will do absolutely nothing to your hair because of the silicone? You better quit it and get real macadamia, coconut and all other oils...the handy thing is you can also eat them! (mmm toast with some coconut oil delish!) Good luck :)

    1. Thanks for the heads up! I got 100% real argan oil and its a million times better! Thanks for the comment- please share with friends!