Sunday, November 24, 2013

Review: Bare Minerals Lash Domination Mascara

This mascara is absolutely horrible, which is disappointing because Bare Minerals makes really great products (usually.) Most of the reviews I have read are pretty positive, but I completely disagree on this one. This mascara is extremely clumpy. I mean look at the brush... The way it twists and curls creates a thick line between the bristles which allows for a lot of product build up. I think thats why it gets so clumpy. It's an interesting idea for a brush but it just failed. The first coat looked okay (more bad than good,) but when I went in for the second coat my lashes got really spidery and thick, but in a bad, clumpy, ugly way. For me to get out the door with this mascara on my lashes, I had to go in with Clump Crusher and brush out all the clumps. I would not recommend this to anyone. Save your $18 and buy something else. The look of this brush reminds be of a twisted version of Buxom mascara, which is my all time favorite. Take the $18 and buy that! It has never ever failed me!

I will say one good thing about this- the packaging is cool! I love the metallic silver tube and the twisted top! So props on that...

Will you try this mascara?

--Ms. Makeup

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