Saturday, November 16, 2013

Naked 3 Palette

THIS MUST BE A DREAM. Urban Decay is coming out with the NAKED3 PALETTE! Being the proud owner of both the Naked and Naked2 Palettes, I have to add Naked3 to the family. I mean she can't be left out, right?

Like the other palettes, this one comes with 12 shades. Yet, unlike the first and second palettes, this one is filled with way more peachy/rose tones. Still all neutral like the pervious palettes. Most of the shadows seem to be shimmery but there are 2 mattes. And supposedly all of the shades are new! All of them look seeeriously gorgeous and to me, Urban Decay is one of the best. Don't think that this is palette is just like the first two because it's not! The first palette has a different tone than the second and same with the third.

This one retails for $52 which yes, seems like a lot, but you're getting 12 shades and a double sided shadow brush. That comes out to about $4 per shadow, not including the brush. If you are a beginner with eye makeup, then any of these palettes would be perfect for you! You can create so many different looks and each shade is extremely pigmented and soft. I highly recommend!

This lucky lady got her hands on it so here is a link to her blog with swatches! Shoutout to xsparkage!

The packaging seems to be the same tin/plastic snap closure as the second palette

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--Ms. Makeup

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